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Perfect home in Calicut
Calicut is a port for the whole Indian sea, which God forbid any craft to cross.... these words of Athanaseus Nikiten, the Russian traveler way back in the 13th century echoes even today, the glory of the historical town of Kozhikode that is 'Koyil' (palace)'Kodu' (fortified)

About Calicut

Calicut , also known as Kozhikode, is a city in southwestern India, in Kerala State, a secured seaport on the Arabian Sea. It is sandwiched between the Arabian sea and the sprawling hills of wynad district. It is a railroad junction and shipping center of a rich agricultural region. Coffee, coconuts, tea, ginger, pepper, and other spices are the chief exports. Industrial establishments include sawmills, textile mills, coffee-processing plants, and factories producing soap and tile.

Calicut, the third largest city in Kerala after Trivandrum and Cochin, is a popular destination of historians, with an ancient trade connections with the Middle east. Kallai, near Kozhikode, once the bustling nerve point of Calicut's timber trade, is said to have been the largest timber trading centre in Asia. Calicut was a famous port years ago and is known as the home of the Zamorins. Also in 1498, Vasco de Gama landed at Kappad which is around 20 kilometers from the city of calicut.

Perfect place for you

Just 26 kilometers from the Calicut International Airport and minutes from the brimming spice market, the city is a bustling and an energetic commercial center where one can also enjoy the city life in a quite & peaceful residential area.

It not only provides peaceful surroundings, which is in itself a rare thing in today's world but also luxurious accommodation along with a great ambience. It is a place with luxury and modern comforts of the city without the noise and traffic of the urban centers.

Calicut is also famous for its exotic beaches and provides a great deal of harmonious evenings in the city. A quiet, peaceful moment sitting on benches and chairs that have held so many international traders who risked everything to travel the arduous routes from their homelands to India. Two crumbling piers, more than hundred years old stand out into sea at Kozhikode Beach pondering the glorious trade this beach witnessed in yester years. Beach is easily accessible from city and best for enjoying sunset.

The district has a fairly extensive road network. The National Highway stretches to 77kms and runs almost parallel to the coastal line linking the headquarters of the 3 taluks, i.e. Kozhikode, Koyilandy & Vadakara. The entire district is extensively covered by the operation of buses, of private & public sectors to connect you with any part of the city. The district is credited with an efficient system of passenger & goods traffic by road.

Along with the International airport, Calicut also has 2 railway stations, the central station and the Kallai station for commuting the common man.

Calicut also has number of religious places to cater to the spiritual needs of its inhabitants. There are Temples, Churches & Mosques that proclaims the architectural and builders excellence of yester years.

S.M street or the Sweet Meat Street is the busiest shopping area at Kozhikode City to keep you away from boredom. All shops are open till 9.00pm. There is also a central library in calicut and is estimated that there are about 65,000 volumes in this library. There is also a children's section in the library with a good collection of books.

Perfect place for your children

Calicut boasts the presence of various prestigious educational institutions like Indian Institute of Management(IIM), National Institute of Technology or formerly known as Regional Engineering College, Asia's second largest Medical college and houses the head quarters of Calicut University .

So there is no worry about the education for your children after taking up a property in Calicut. It also has number of government and private schools for children of all ages. And almost all schools provide transportation and other facilities to its students.

There were reputed centers of learning and culture in Kozhikode district in the early and medieval periods itself. One of the most important of such centres was Kozhikode itself. Under the rule of the enlightened Zamorins, calicut became famous all over South as the place of rule of a rendezvous of scholars and men of learning.

Also there are various places of interest for the children in Calicut like the Planetarium & Regional Science Centre. There are amusement centres like Lions Park which is situated next to the light house at Calicut beach.

Settle down and enjoy the charm and tranquility of "Gods own country"
for a price!!


Being very much within the heart of the city, the location offers you a peaceful surrounding, setting the most ideal residential ambience. Leo Paradise offers spacious interiors, customized planning and superb finish which will makes your choice of the property worth a million. The flats are designed to suit your needs & choice.

Why a house, why not an apartment?

Living in apartments is gaining popularity, particularly among higher-income households. The times are changing, and owning a house is no longer a universal dream. These days people prefer apartments and flats to houses because of the convenience associated with life in flats. Apartments ensure proper maintenance, security, uninterrupted supply of water and stand-by electricity system. The builders management office takes care of maintenance and security for the apartments. Apartments and flats offer access to amenities and technologies not available or affordable in single-family homes. It is uniquely qualified to address many of our most pressing needs.

The various benefits flats offer to a community are helping to reduce sprawl, conserve resources, preserve green space and reduce demand on public resources. Apartments create value for all citizens, including property owners.

Today's population is more comfortable with the idea of living in homes like apartments & flats than at any time in the last 50 years. The rapid increase in the demand for higher quality residential space in Kerala could be attributable to the middle class sector's rise in disposable incomes and expectations levels. And also long term investments from NRI's into real estate sectors like residential & commercial property in calicut

Luxury and Deluxe Apartments -- Is this trend catching up?

Yes, very much. People want quality flats. They are ready to pay more for better quality flats. And most of them buy apartments only once, so instead of going for second grade apartments, they want only the best. They have understood the builders and property market in Calicut and have become choosy in buying only the best quality. People are very conscious of the security aspect also.

Galaxy Builders

Calicut is a developing city and so is the demand arising. Residential sector of real estate is experiencing a boom in Kerala. There is a solid demand for residential property especially luxury and deluxe apartments in Calicut.

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